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Two Chronologies
by Frank Dabbs

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Thanks to Frank Dabbs* - author and member of the board of the Petroleum History Society - for permission to reprint his chronologies of events before the Leduc discovery:

*Frank Dabbs is a journalist, columnist, author and business communicator who has spent most of his 38-year-career in and around the Alberta oil patch. Among his books, Branded by the Wind was awarded the Petroleum History Society 2001 Book of the Year Award. He 's currently a senior consultant at NATIONAL Public Relations, responsible for the firm's community consultation and public participation practice, working with resource companies to resolve conflicts with communities and surface land owners. (Feb.2004)

Chronology of Alberta Petroleum Exploration and Discovery 1875 - 1947

Year   Event
1875   John Macoun's Vision, Geological Survey of Canada
1883   Langevin Siding (CPR water well)
1887   Vermillion River, Manitoba
1888   George Dawson maps the Great Mackenzie Basin
1890   Medicine Hat (CPR coal coring well)
1898   Pelican Portage blowout
1902   Cameron Creek / Oil City (Waterton)
1904   Medicine Hat field commercialized
1908   East Calgary
1909   Bow Island
1912- 1920   Brooks, Bassano, Foremost
1914   Turner Valley Dingman #1
1914   Viking
1920   Norman Wells, NWT
1922   Northwest Pouce Coupe #1
1924   Turner Valley Royalite #4
1925   Wainwright Hargal 3B
1926   Marrin Farm (Lloydminster)
1927   Skiff (Lethbridge)
1929   Red Coulee
1932   Del Bonita
1935   Turner Valley Royalties #1
1937   Dina (heavy oil) Battle River
1937   Taber
1939   Vermillion Consolidated #2
1939   Lloydminster Royalties #1
1939   Princess Bantry
1940   Kinsella
1944   Jumping Pound
1944   Conrad
1944   Ram River
1947   Leduc


Chronology of Alberta Petroleum Public Policy Milestones 1670 - 1945

Year   Event
1670   Hudson's Bay Company Charter
1673   Royal Proclamation (Treaties)
1842   Geological Survey of Canada created
1867   Confederation
1870   Transfer of Prince Rupert's Land to Canada
1875   North West Territories Act
1885   Riel Rebellion
1905   Alberta provincial autonomy
1914-1918   First World War
1921   Alberta Industrial Research Council (ARC) created
1929   Great Depression begins
1930   Transfer of Resources Acts
1932   Turner Valley Gas Conservation Act
1935   Aberhart elected Premier, Ernest Manning becomes Provincial Secretary
1936   Alberta Bond default
1937   Nathan Tanner appointed Minister of Mines
1938   Alberta Petroleum and Gas Conservation Board created
1938   Royal Commission on Alberta's Oil Industry formed
1938   Case for Alberta
(submission to Rowell-Sirois Royal Commission on Dominion-Provincial Relations)
1939   Second World War begins
1940   Royal Commission on Alberta's Oil Industry reports
1940   George Cottrelle appointed Federal Comptroller of Oil (War Measures Act)
1941   Alberta re-regulates oil and gas industry operations
1941   Liberal-Conservative coalition elected in B.C.
(Later imposes moratorium on private investment in petroleum exploration)
1942   Final amendments to Alberta Natural Resources Act
1942   Norman Wells and Canol Pipeline development (financed by the Pentagon)
1943   Wartime Oils Limited created (crown corporation to finance war drilling)
1944   CCF elected in Saskatchewan
1945   CCF to take over Saskatchewan resource industries
1945   First Boston Corp. refinances Alberta Bonds



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