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Last change August 6, 2021

The Petroleum History Society, with matching grants from the Alberta government, established a scholarship fund at the University of Calgary in 1991. The fund offers one annual scholarship of approximately $2400 to a graduate student working in a field of study related to historical aspects of the Canadian petroleum industry.

In 2011 and 2012, the Society donated its Alberta Community Spirit Grants to this scholarship.

For detailed information about the scholarship see the University of Calgary Graduate Studies Awards website, enter "petroleum history" in Award Name, then press the Search button at the bottom of the page.

Petroleum History Society Graduate Scholarship Recipients

Year Recipient Topic
2020-2021 Not awarded  
2019-2020 Not awarded  
2018-2019 Not awarded  
2017-2018 Jessica Weber Federalism and Oil Politics in Alberta
2016-2017 Jessica Weber Alberta Oil Politics: A Story of Canadian Federalism
2015-2016 Not awarded  
2014-2015 Sisi Fu

How crown and freehold ownership effect the oil industry.
Topic presented to the Society on November 25, 2015

2012-2013 Dongfeng (Karen) Chang The Demand for Gasoline: Evidence from Household Survey Data
Topic presented to the Society on May 1, 2013
2010-2011 Kelly Ogle How Canadians perceive energy and its importance in the future
Topic presented to the Society on November 30, 2011
See page 6 of the January 2012 Archives newsletter for summary.
2008-2009 Jennifer Winter

Estimating the Credibility of the CCF's Threat to Nationalize Oil Resources in Saskatchewan 1944-1964
Topic presented to the Society on May 6, 2009
See page 7 of the March 2010 Archives newsletter for summary.

2005-2006 Lori Mary Shyba

Beyond fun and games:  interactive theatre and serious videogames with social impact,  PhD thesis, 2008.

2001-2002 Edward James McCoy A lesson they would not soon forget : the convicted Native participants of the 1885 north-west rebellion, 2002
2000-2001 Tina Crossfield  



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