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Following are links to files in various formats of speeches and presentations made to PHS meetings on historical topics. (Summaries are sometimes provided in our Archives newsletters.)

Special thanks to PHS directors Penny Colton for video and sound files, Peter McKenzie-Brown for recording slide shows with narration, and to PHS member David Finch for recording the MP3 files of these talks.

Title Speaker Date

Forest Landscapes, Applied Science, and the Oil and Gas Industry PDF 4 meg
(Summary in January 2019 Archives newsletter)

Robert (Bob) Bott, industrial historian Jan.30, 2019
Betting on Bitumen: Alberta's Energy Policies from Lougheed to Klein Gillian Steward Oct.25, 2017
Remarks By Preston Manning Preston Manning to Oilsands Banquet at Fort McMurray November 29, 2017
Very similar to his talk to the PHS Annual Meeting on
March 29, 2017
Petroleum-related Land Reclamation in Alberta
9 pages 700k PDF
Peter McKenzie-Brown Feb.22, 2017
Churchill’s Visit to Alberta in 1929 and his Amazing Adventures David Finch Jan.25, 2017
International Petroleum Company Limited: Canada’s Gift to the World Oil Industry
Presentation slides 9 pages 1.8 meg PDF
Dr. Graham D. Taylor, History Department, Trent University May 4, 2016
Big Things Happen in Small Places Charlie Fairbank March 30, 2016

Three Points of View - One Oil Patch Participant
M4a audio file 17 meg or  MP3 audio file 33 meg

Also see Page 4 November 2015 Archives newsletter - Some Perspectives on the Pursuit of Oil and Gas in Offshore Newfoundland and Labrador

Brian Maynard Oct.28, 2015
Turner Valley (on its 100th anniversary) ‐ A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
73 pages, 24 meg PDF
Clint Tippett May 7, 2014
Killing the King Christian D-18 well, Arctic Islands - see page 5 of June 2014 Archives newsletter Len Maier Nov.27, 2013
John Allan: Founding Alberta’s Energy Industries
38 minutes in Flash format, audio and slides
Willem Langenberg, Adjunct Professor,
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta
Mar.8, 2013
A Life in the Western Canadian Oilpatch
including recollections of the Oilfield Technical Society

450k PDF presentation
Gordie Rowan, oilpatch veteran Jan.30, 2013
Donating H.M.S. Investigator Artifacts from Banks Island to Museum Creates Rewarding Experiences
2.45 meg PDF presentation
Don Yont, Retired Geologist June 13, 2012
Drilling – Then and Now
3 meg audio WMA file
Leroy Field, Drilling Engineer Oct.27, 2010
Shell’s Inherited Roots in the Canadian Oil Industry
3.5 meg audio WMA file
Clint Tippett, Geologist Sep.22, 2010

Co-operation or Showdown: The Interaction of Government, Capital and People in the exploitation of Non-renewable Energy Resources
3.5 meg audio WMA file

Slides for this presentation 1.1 meg PDF

Erik Lizée, Alberta Historian
Jun.9, 2010
Schlumberger in Canada: A Tale of Unique Challenges and Opportunities
4 meg audio WMA file
David Finch, Petroleum Historian and Author May 5, 2010

Northern Tigers: Building Ethical Canadian Corporate Champions
8 meg audio WMA file

Dick Haskayne Mar.31, 2010
Unconventional Gas in North America – the massive paradigm shift
48 minutes in Flash format, audio and slides

Dave Russum, V.P. Geoscience, AJM Petroleum Consultants

Feb.24, 2010
Bringing to Rest an Industry Icon: The Dingman #2 Well, Turner Valley
7.3 meg audio WMA file
Kary Cuthill, Engineer and Abandonment Specialist Nov.25, 2009
Oil Scouts - Don’t Tell Me How – Just Get the Information
Word file or HTML
Derry MacFarlane Oct.21, 2009
Estimating the Credibility of the CCF's Threat to Nationalize Oil Resources in Saskatchewan (1944-1964)
3.2 meg audio MP3 file
Jennifer Winter, PHS scholarship recipient May 6, 2009
The values that helped shape the modern Canadian oilpatch: Doc Seaman - Builder and Giver
5.8 meg MP3 file
Sydney Sharpe, Author Mar.25, 2009

East and West: Outsiders and the Western Canadian Petroleum Industry
11-page PDF file 163k

David Finch, Historian Feb.25, 2009
The Politics of Oil and Gas in the Social Credit Era, 1937-1952
8 meg audio MP3 file
Brian Brennan, Author Jan.14, 2009
Arctic Seismic Operations – Anderson Plains 1967
10 meg audio MP3 file
Note: quality improves after first few minutes.
Herve Collet, COO of PanTerra Resource Corp Dec.3, 2008
The Supreme Court of Alberta and the Petroleum Industry: Landmark Cases
8 meg audio MP3 file
Prof. Alastair R. Lucas, Dean of Law, University of Calgary Feb.27, 2008
Back to the Future: The Canadian Petroleum Discovery Centre
7.1 meg audio MP3 file
Norm Haines Jan.23, 2008
History of Encana Fee Title Lands in Canada: From a Past Employee's Point of View
9.3 meg audio MP3 file
Gordon Dainard Dec.5, 2007
Writing Petroleum History a New Way - The creation of "PUMPED: Everyone's Guide to the Oil Patch"
9.8 meg audio MP3 file
David Finch Oct.25, 2007

Sulphur: From the Big Bang to Big Boom and its importance to the Alberta Economy
24-page PDF 1.25 meg of PowerPoint Presentation

Audio file of the Sulphur presentation
9.2 meg MP3 file

Dr. Peter Clark Sept.19, 2007
Early Days of Seismic Field Operations In Western Canada
Web page
Bob Rintoul June 20, 2007
Mike Miller of Safety Boss on
“Blowout Recovery Operations”
Mike Miller Oct.24, 2001
Alberta's First Natural Gas Discovery
Web page
Micky Gulless September 20, 1995
The Geological Survey of Canada and The Petroleum Industry -
A Partnership of Discovery

As part of the GSC's 150th Anniversary Celebrations
13 page PDF 718k
William R. S. McLellan
September 25, 1992



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